The Free 52 Personal Project - February

My first post in this wonderful freelensing group! The Free 52 Project is a personal project where each month we share our freelensed work. Freelensing is a technique that manipulates the focal plane in an image by photographing with the lens detached from the camera body and subtly adjusting the lens while detached. To follow along, please click the link at the end of this post for the next artists.

I have come to really love this time of year. I love the slower pace of these cold months, the ability to reflect on the past year and refocus on the coming year. I find myself not reaching for my camera as much lately, a welcomed break. 

This month, I have been participating in a technique focused group with weekly challenges. I am so thankful for the supportive artists in this group! The reverse freelensing challenge was really difficult for me ... here are a few of my favorites.

So many personal photos I take are times when I literally run for my camera. Sometimes it is lighting or what my girls are doing. Sometimes it is something I just want to remember. This is one of those moments. She was missing her sister who was sleeping over at a friends house. 

And more everyday moments.

Freelensed Self-Portrait Challenge. Because I was here too. 

Sisters. I am thankful every day that they have each other. Mostly, just not the fighting part. 

Spray bottle challenge, freelensed.

The lens flare created this remarkable rainbow effect.

melting snow and ice

I love the evening light at this table. And that it is quiet in this moment.


I pulled out my on-camera flash and tried freelensing with it for the first time. I have no words for her face ... someone said it could be a band album cover. Fitting. 

Up next in this blog loop - Gwendolyn Athman


  1. So glad you have joined us Leslie! I love your reverse freelensing, I need to try that. And I love the moments of your girls!

  2. Thank you so much Katie!! This is such an inspiring group!

  3. Oh I adore all of these. The first shots, are they reverse macro? Just lovely. I feel like I'm in a parallel life with two girls myself, my youngest also misses my oldest so so much when she's away with friends or at school. Wonderful month! (also I want to try the spray bottle freelensing!)


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